once you go VFF …

So today is the last run of the week before my next 10k. The Capitol City Classic which will be ran around the downtown Sacramento area. This should be a fun race to get in. While I will be running this Sunday in the 10k, about 20,000 other runners will be preparing for Monday on the east coast. The running of the Boston Marathon, to those runners making the trip, I hope all of you have the time of your lives. 
With a fairly easy run scheduled today, I opted to change the pace of the run a bit. The recommended pace would be a 1 mile warm up around a 7:20 pace, followed by 3 easy miles at 8:12 pace, and 1 mile cool down at a 8:30 pace. Rather than changing paces through the run, I opted to still keep it easy but run a steady 7:30 per mile pace for a total of 5 miles. The run was good enough to just keep the body moving a few days before the race this Sunday and then get my feet into some “shoes”. 
Today I ran for the first time in a pair of shoes. I wanted to try the New Balance “Minimus”, I just bought last week. Up to this point I just used them to peddle while on the trainer, and use for my plyometric workouts as well as for casual wear out and about going to the store and to work. I have some mixed feelings about them I do like them as far as an everyday shoe at this point. I do not know if I will actually race in them, however I might try them on various training runs. The issue I found with them is that I have a pretty wide foot, so a wider toe box is something that I need. Also, since I have been in Vibram Five Fingers for over 2 years, the separation of the toes, is something that is now very comfortable to me when running. Without having my toes spread apart on today’s run, I felt that my feet where too snug in the shoes. The upside to the New Balance Minimus is that it is a very light shoe, and also has a lot of flex to the shoe. 
After the run I jumped right onto the trainer for 80 minutes to get additional training today. Since next week is 15 weeks before the SF Marathon, there is no better time to start training for it then now. Since I was feeling good after the light run, it made sense to work a little extra to start to build that endurance for the full marathon in July. Along with building the endurance on the trainer, I decided to get my range of motion and stretching workout with the scheduled Insanity workout for the day. Today’s workout being the Cardio Recovery routine. 
No strength work for the upper body tonight, but I will do some sort of upper body routine tomorrow. My goal along with the running/cross training and Insanity is to include around 3 days of upper body strength workouts into my routine.

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