another cardio day …

Today was a great cross training morning. I started off with the trainer peddling for 80 minutes at a fairly steady pace between 90 – 100 rpms. The time on the trainer allowed me to put in the lengthy cardio work that I will start to push much more starting next week but also allowed me to get the body really warmed up before jumping into various exercises for this mornings workout. 
While I do have a race this Sunday, I know that the bike does not take a toll on me as much as if I were to go out and run some heavy miles to get my carido in. Another cross training that I am looking forward to next week is hitting the pool with the kick board only without the upper body pulling me through the water. As much as I love just working out and getting a good sweat in I do like variation in my workouts and the ways that I am able to build my cardio on non-running days. 
After the 80 minutes on the trainer, I threw the Insanity Pure Cardio DVD in and went right at it. The 30 minutes on moving around, jumping, and lunging made me start to feel the 80 minutes I was on the bike a bit, as far as the cardio was concerned. However this is something that I do need, I need to push the cardio up a bit so I can increase the speed as well. One thing I do know going into next week is that when I am in tip top cardio shape, I can really push the speed when it comes to my Tuesday speed workouts. Along with the Pure Cardio workout today, was the Cardio Ab workout. The “Ab” workout does a great job of helping develop the strength in my hip flexors and other muscles in the core are. This is something I have learned and felt when I did the Insanity program the first time around, and am hoping it continues to help develop those same muscles this time around as well. The stronger core muscles and upper leg muscles will help me survive the hills and rolling climbs at the SF Marathon.
Since I skipped on the strength workout last night, I decided to incorporate a little strength workout today. This morning after the trainer and Insanity workouts, I followed it all up with the P90X Legs & Back routine. However I changed this up, since I did leg work through the Insanity program, I decided to skip through the leg exercises and only do the back exercises on the DVD today.
Tomorrow will be a lighter workout day with the race on Sunday. But after the race on Sunday, it is all out with the workouts for the next 15 weeks as I prepare for the SF Marathon. This time I know the course, and I am going to run a smarter race. The only thing that will pace me is my own body, I am going to avoid trying to pace with someone else (ie the PACE GROUP LEADER). 

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