riding makes me think …

Today was a simple cross training day. Just getting some of the work in that is enough to work my muscles and keep the cardio going on the bike. For today, I rode 70 minutes on the trainer. However while on the trainer, I read a little more of my “Run Less Run Faster” book, making sure I was picking up on more information in regards to planning my training schedule. The “Run Less Run Faster” book is where I am getting most of my running information and planning when I mention the “3+2” plan. 
The 70 minutes on the bike, was good enough to get the heart rate up and build a good sweat. While I was looking for my training book, I realized that one of the things I need to start getting on is riding for longer, especially starting next week I need to start building the muscle endurance by cross training for longer times even 2 or 3 hour rides. Another thing that came up, which I did not think about, was being able to still get into the pool even with my shoulder being out. One of the cross training recommendations for swimming, is kicking only no swimming. I guess this whole I could have been using the kick board this whole time still working my hip flexors and building continuous strength in my ankles without running and putting the impact on my legs. So starting next week when there are 15 weeks between this coming Sunday and the San Francisco Marathon, I will be doing both of these things: longer rides, and doing kick only in the pool. 
After the 70 minutes of peddling and reorganizing my training thoughts and plan, I continued with the Insanity program. For today the Plyometric Cardio Circuit was on the plan. Another 40 minutes of jumping and leg and core movements to help with my explosive power, along with the jumping is some fast footwork movements to also help with some explosive steps. Granted some of the plyometrics are for short quick movements, it still helps with the overall fitness and keeps me in shape.
I am really looking forward into getting into the marathon training starting next week. I feel confident and much more relaxed with my approach this time. However we all know as the time closes to race day then the anxiety can also pick up a little bit. But I think the biggest thing I need to remind myself is to just relax and enjoy every moment of training and every moment of the race. Each mile, each step, each day is a different moment and I need to enjoy each one of those moments. In the end that is why I do what I do, why I push myself is because I enjoy it. It should not make me scared of nervous, it should just make me feel accomplished allowing me to finish that workout or race smiling!

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