thoughts of being a B.Q.

While typically I would take it easy the day after a race, and do more of a recovery, this was a 10k and ultimately my goal is to be fit and ready to run the bigger and longer races. The next big race for me is the Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon in Lodi, Ca. In May of 2010, I set a personal best in the half marathon at this race finishing at a time of 1 hour 31 minutes 8 seconds. My goal is to beat that time at the same race, since that course is very flat, and I will be running with a seasoned runner who help me last year set a new PR. 
So to get back into a workout after pushing a decent time for me yesterday I wanted to go after it a bit, without hitting the road. Ideally I would have liked to have jumped into the pool and got a workout, however my shoulder worries me a bit and that is going to keep me from hitting the pool until after I get looked at by a specialist. Hopefully get an appointment will happen sooner than later. Nonetheless I am always able to ride my trainer, and today was no different except for the fact that rather than the typical 30-45 minutes, I went for 60 minutes today, feeling pretty good and even though my legs were a little sore from yesterday, I was able to loosen them up by riding.
After the 60 minutes of peddling on the trainer, I continued with the Insanity calendar. Today’s workout was the Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs Routine. Like I have mentioned before I really enjoy the Pure Cardio workout because it is mostly dynamic movements that allow for me to work on my range of motion and exercises that help work the hamstrings. The Cardio Abs routine is more than just traditional sit ups and crunches, in that it attacks the entire core area. I would recommend this Ab routine for those of you looking to vary up your core workouts.
The other day I received the latest issue of Runner’s World. So today I was finally able to read through most of it. There was one thing on the cover that really got me interested and probably will keep me pushing for my ultimate goal.  Today’s blog photo is a snapshot of the special report which caught my eye. The article entitled “B.Q. OR DIE” by George Mannes, is something that really has been in my mind over the last year even without putting it out there as much as I did going into the California International Marathon in 2010, where I thought I was completely fit enough and trained hard enough to finish sub 3:10:00. With the new qualifying time, how will this effect how I train? How I set my goals. Well to be honest, I think with the faster time (for my age group 3:05:00) I am mystified to try to qualify even more. It is a greater challenge. The article itself was pretty good as it mentioned about the nightmare B.Q.s had trying to register for the 2011 Boston Marathon, which will be ran one week from today. If you get a chance I suggest picking up a copy of the latest issue and reading about it. So to all of you B.Q.s that are making the trip to Boston this week, tapering, getting excited, I wish you good luck and am very jealous of all of you that will be at the start line next Monday, and more jealous of all of you that cross that finish line a few hours later … one day I will be a B.Q. and will also be a Boston Marathon Finisher !!!! 

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