four oh oh … 400s

Another week leading into a 10k, so the running schedule is exactly like last weeks. A short sprint day today and a easy tempo run on Thursday, with cross training days spread through the course of the week. This is exciting to get back to back weeks in on races, especially with this Sunday being a new course that runs through and around the downtown area. For me there is a joy out of running through the streets surrounded by business buildings and other sights downtown areas have to offer. 
To start off the morning I headed out onto the street and warmed up with a 10 minute run covering just over 1.33 miles so running at a 7:30 per mile pace. After the warm-up I jumped straight into six 400 meter runs with a one minute rest interval between each. As far as pace is concerned with the 400 meters each one took me anywhere from 1:15 to 1:25. There is something about 400s I love I think it is the rush of going all out for a short distance. After the workout itself I continued with a 10 minute run bringing me back home. 
Once I got back into my gym I continued with the scheduled Insanity workout for today while my body was still warm from the run. Today’s workout was the Cardio Power & Resistance. The 40 minutes of jumping and turning is a good workout to incorporate other muscles that running doesn’t involve, also this is one of the workouts that really works on that explosiveness. A different challenge and type of workout that keeps me wanting to push harder every day I wake up. 
After the Insanity workouts I got onto the trainer for some added cardio, peddling for 30 minutes. I know this may seem like a lot but starting next week I am only 15 weeks out from the San Francisco Marathon. I just want a good base before I really get into my full marathon training. Now between next Monday and July 31st I will be running some races, however they will be part of my workouts rather than being something I am working for. 
To close off the night my buddy Will and I kept up with the Garage Group Workouts, and performed the P90X Chest & Back routine. Nice simple movements to focus on the upper body which allows for overall strength. Obviously I have wished I could get my upper body workouts in the pool but I will use some land workouts with lighter resistance training to help keep my upper body working until I can get my shoulder back to 100%.
Now one thing that has haunted me when it comes to miles 17 – 20 in a marathon is the muscle cramping and lack of energy. One thing I am doing differently in my training alone to fix that is to consume calories during my workouts. For this upcoming marathon in July, I will be using gels and taking 1-2 gel pouches with me on my long runs (anything from 14 miles on up). This time around I will be trying the Hammer Gel and Accel Gel. I am trying out 2 types to make sure that they work with my system as far as not to upset my stomach during the runs. I am hoping that this will help me be able to have enough energy by consuming calories to finish strong. In both the SF Marathon and CIM in 2010, I had been on pace to run a 3:10:00 time but around mile 16 / 17 of both of them I just crashed. My system had no more fuel to run on. So I am hoping this is all I need to do along with my training to get ready to finish my best marathons in 2011.

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