zoo zoom 2011 … 10k race

Well this morning was the Zoo Zoom in Sacramento, Ca. The weather was pretty good for runners, in fact a little bit of tail wind through portions of the route when you needed a little push to the finish. This was my first Zoo Zoom run I have ever ran. This is actually a surprise to me that I did not do it last year, considering this is the 31st running of the Zoo Zoom, which benefits the Sacramento Zoo. There were a lot of people out in the area today, from other runners to a ton of supporters throughout the course and especially around the finish area cheering us in to the finish line. 
The route is very favorable for runners looking to set a personal record (PR), today my goal was to push the tempo of the run to see how close I can come to doing that. Even with this goal in mind I knew I would be a little limited to pushing through the entire 10k with my shoulder being a bit limiting after dislocating it just over a week ago. Still I decided to try to conquer the two lap course and attempt to see how close I could come to going sub 41:00. My previous best time was during the Run To Feed The Hungry 10k during Thanksgiving of 2010, in Sacramento. During the Run to Feed the Hungry I ran a 40:59 race. Today, I had the legs to get there but just could not get my arms to sync with my legs during those hard pushes when I needed to. 
If you haven’t figured by now the 10k is actually made up of 2 loops around the Land Park area. At around the 5k mark I was around 19:50 which was a good time, and kept me on pace to come close to setting my PR. Around mile 4 my shoulders really couldn’t handle the faster strides and forced me to limit my pace. In the end of the 2nd loop I was still happy as I crossed the finish line at a final time of 42:41. I finished in 42nd place overall and 11th in the men’s 30-39 age division. For me this is a decent time for a first 10k in the 2011 running season.
Tomorrow it is back to the workouts and time to get ready for the 10k next Sunday, also in Sacramento. The Capital City Classic will be an interesting test to see where my 10k time falls with that since I should have some time this week to rest my shoulder. Last year I ran two 10k race in a week and my second 10k race happened to be the Run to Feed the Hungry, where I set my PR. Hopefully I can get the same result this time around with two 10k races in the same week.

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