less is more …

Well tomorrow is my first 10k of the 2011 running season. My first race last month was a sub par finish and tomorrow I feel like I am going to perform better. The beauty of running and the races we compete in. We train hundreds of miles just for a race. Often times walking away with a “I could have done better” self talk. That is exactly the words I said to myself March 12, 2011 right after the Shamrock’n Half Marathon, where I ran just over a 1 hour 35 minute time, which was 10 minutes faster than my Shamrock’n time in 2010, but 4 minutes slower than my personal record. A personal record that I set in May of 2010 in the Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon in Lodi, California. 
To get ready for the Zoo Zoom 10k, I took the day off of running, but still continued with the Insanity workout as planned. I thought it was a good way just to get the body moving, especially with the fact that I was going to have a busy day with work between driving from field to field and being on my feet most of the day. Today the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit was on tap for the workout. The 40 minutes of jumping and lunging to get the legs engaged was a good workout to start the day. Once that workout was completed there was no further cross training or ab work, it was about calling it a day leaving the rest for my legs to be able to go hard at it tomorrow at the Zoo Zoom.
Now today during the Insanity workout, there was something a little different that I used and had on my feet. Typically I workout barefoot in my home gym. Since I have a padded floor that I put in the jumping and landing really does not effect my ankles or knees. However, after checking in for the Zoo Zoom yesterday at Fleet Feet Sacramento, I decided to take a look at the minimalist shoes they had by New Balance. And I thought they fit pretty well so I decided to buy a pair. The “Minimus” by New Balance has a very simple construction to it using the Vibram brand sole. There really is not much to the “shoe” which makes it nice, since less is more, this “shoe” should be interesting to tryout. So far with just using them for the cross training, I did enjoy them. In a couple of weeks I will do more of a write up on them after I put a couple of miles in on them. Now don’t worry, I will still be wearing mostly my Vibram Five Fingers, but I thought why not try out a minimalist shoe that is out there.
So I hope to post some good results tomorrow, if you are out on the course running or cheering I hope to see you out there. 

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