zoo zoom # 2085 …

Today was a pretty simple workout. Cross training to start the morning followed by a little resistance workout. It was a bit if a chilly morning here in Sacramento, I now 35 degrees might be warm to many of you but ice on the cars and snow in the hills is cold for most of us out here. To start off the day I jumped on the trainer and peddled for 45 minutes, working up a pretty good sweat as I bundled up for the morning workout. Even though the gym I created at my house is in the garage, it is still very cold in there, the only benefit is no rain and wind, but there is still the cold to battle at times. 
Once I completed the 45 minutes of cross training on the bike, I went straight into the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance workout that was scheduled for today on the Insanity calendar. 40 minutes of additional cardio work that includes mostly some jumping. Now that I am close to finishing week number 3 on the Insanity program I am seeing an increase in my muscle endurance and strength. I am hoping that continuing this program I will start to see more results in my upcoming runs.
The morning workout was a pretty simple and easy to complete plan. Finally I was able to make my way to the Zoo Zoom check in for the 10k race this Sunday in Sacramento. For this race I will be sporting race number 2085. I am pretty excited about this coming up because the course which is around the Land Park area, is a fast and flat course. I might be able to post a decent time this week and hopefully up my placement in the Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series 2011 (www.runsacraceseries.com). Currently I am 105 out of 133 on the individual list. The ranking system is an age graded point scale. So there is some improving that I need to do to move up on that list. Some runners in the men’s division have ran 3 and I have only ran 1 of the RunSac series. The Zoo Zoom will be another race part of the series so I am hoping it can help me up my total.

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