slow it down …

Probably one of the few times that I would ever run a warm up faster than the actual workout run. With this Sunday being the Zoo Zoom 10k, the scheduled run for today was for a pretty easy 5 miles. These types of runs are about being patient and staying relaxed. The 5 mile run on a familiar route around my neighborhood is always easy to keep it relaxed because I know the route so well and it is really flat. The warm up mile was ran at a 7:15 pace which is a good way to get the body going but then I realized I had to slow it down as the running schedule specifically noted “3 miles easy and relaxed”. So I did that I pulled back my pace and slowed down to a 7:35 per mile pace. Sometimes slow and relaxed is pretty painful, I would rather just run hard than easy… But sticking to the plan is what it is all about this year. After the middle 3 miles I ran the cool down mile at a very relaxed 8:15 mile. 5 miles completed and the body was nice and warmed up enjoying every step of the relaxed run. 
After the run I continued as planned with today’s Insanity workout. By chance, Thursday is also an easier day on the Insanity schedule. Today was the Cardio Recovery workout. 30 minutes of long holds and at times really pushing the flexibility with their yoga poses. 
By the time the evening came I was glad all I had left was my strength workout with the P90X Back and Biceps workout. Keeping it indoors for the evening was best since it was FREEEEZING! Outside. Hopefully all of you got your runs in during the day before the wind and rain hit in. As far as the strength work, I continued with lighter weights and resistance but tried to go with a higher rep count. As an adde bonus my buddy Will and I did the Ab Ripper X to finish off the workout evening. 
Tomorrow I will be checking in for the Zoo Zoom 10k. Keep up with what goes into my workouts going into my first 10k of the 2011 season.  I’ll also break down where I am in the Buzz Oates race series standings as of this week. All I have to say is… Time to step it up and post a solid time. 

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