the wheels keep me going

While the shoulder is fully recovering I am making sure I still get my cardio in. As much as I miss jumping into the pool I know I need keep in mind if the shoulder dislocated more than it did I would not be able to run this weekend. So from a range of motion standpoint I guess I am pretty lucky to be able to get my other workouts in. 
This morning started off with 45 minutes on the peddling on the trainer. The trainer is great because of the fact that I get to control the resistance and have the real bike under me. There is just something that does not feel right with a stationary bike. I actually feel like I did not get a workout in when I use the typical bike in the gym. The pace on the trainer this morning has a pretty hard pace, as I was in a full sweat about 15 minutes into the 45 minute ride. 
After the ride I jumped right into the Insanity Pure Cardio workout. 30 minutes of dynamic movements, keeping the body moving around and heart rate up while increasing flexibility through some of the 1 minute intervals. The Pure Cardio isn’t as hard as it sounds, if you have a pretty good fitness base this becomes a good range of body weight movements that help develop overall strength along with a little bit of cardio. Since last week along with the Pure Cardio workouts is the Cardio Abs workout. A good core workout without the traditional sit ups and crunches, but still very challenging as you hold in a couple of different positions through the 16 minute Ab routine. 
In the evening, even with the shoulder somewhat going back and forth as far as the feeling is concerned, I still did some strength work with my buddy Will. A lot of low weight and resistance was in the mix for me with the P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout. I think it is time to get this shoulder looked out by a specialist since it has a different feeling than previous dislocations at this point. Typically it felt sore, but there is one spot that just feels a bit sharper than a soreness to it.
Zoo Zoom is just a few days away, and I hope I can push out a decent time for my first 10k of the 2011 running season. Let’s hope that the shoulder doesn’t limit my push to the finish line. As a final routine, it is time to go stem and ice the shoulder.  

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