sweaty mess …

This weather in Sacramento is really spoiling me. It is awesome out, and sometimes even a bit warm during the morning runs. I will take this weather anytime over the 30 mph winds we had just a couple of weeks back. So with this warmer weather today, I was ready to hit the road for my run. Today’s speed/ interval workout was pretty simple since this weekend is the Zoo Zoom 10k in Sacramento. I started off with the typical 10 minute warm-up run, to get the body and legs working out the morning kinks. After the 10 minutes I went straight into the intervals, six 400 meter runs with a 1 minute rest interval between each one. The pace of the 400 meter intervals was about 1 minute and 30 seconds, give or take a couple of seconds. After the intervals was another 10 minute run to get me back home to my starting point. 
By the time I walked back into my “gym” in my garage I was already drenched from the run. I know the run really wasn’t that long, but still with the sun beating down on me, I was a sweaty mess! Going from the run I loaded up my DVD player and put in the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit, which was today’s scheduled workout. The additional 41 minutes of jumping, hoping and other movements had the legs pushing to it’s limits. Needless to say, by the end of the morning workouts, I was drenched, breathing hard and looking for my water bottle to rehydrate.
In the evening came my strength workout with my buddy Will. We popped in the P90X Back and Biceps routine. My shoulder is starting to feel much better so this was a good workout to involve some of the shoulder muscles without doing overhead presses using weights. After the Back and Biceps routine, we added in the P90X Ab Ripper X workout. The 15 minutes of Ab torture. 
So today was a good workout overall, and I am excited to get to the Zoo Zoom 10k this Sunday. This is my first 10k of the 2011 running calendar and will be doing a number of 10k runs in the next couple of months building some speed going into the SF Marathon in July.

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