still no pool … but i have options!

After waking up this morning I decided to test my range of motion of my shoulder and decided today is going to have to be a non-pool day again. I decided to get the shoulder ready prior to my workouts with a little stem time using my Compex Fitness Trainer machine.  I put the pads on my shoulder plugged in the cords and turned on the machine. It has a recovery function on it which is a 26 minute program that works the muscles. It seems to have gotten the job done for this morning because my shoulder felt great going into my workouts for today.
After the muscle stem I decided to use a couple of strips of KT Tape to keep the shoulder into place. The use of the KT Tape seems to work as my shoulder movements were supported through my workouts today. Perhaps this might be something I need to use for the next week or so. I have had a couple of rolls sitting around and perhaps this would be a time I should use it. 
Once I actually decided to start my workout today after being bummed out that my shoulder is still not pool ready, I jumped onto the trainer for 45 minutes. The 45 minutes on the trainer was a good steady pace, even though in my mind I knew that I should have been in the pool. However I know getting healthy is what is best. I guess I have to look at it, that I am able to still get a workout in, because luckily I have some options. 
Post trainer I continued with the Insanity program. On the schedule for today is the Insanity Fit Test. The fit test is conducted 5 times during the Insanity calendar. There are 8 different exercises which are tracked through the course of the program, so you can see the improvements as each week passes. For me the Fit Test is going to be a workout for that day rather than really trying to track the numbers, though today I did count the number of reps for each of the exercises. I know for the upper body based exercises the reps were low because of the limitations of my shoulder. 
Once the 20 minute Fit Test was completed, I did a P90X strength workout. For today I thought I would do the Shoulders and Arms workout. Since my shoulder was feeling pretty good from the stem and KT Tape, I thought I would do some light resistance band work while following the exercises on P90X. I felt pretty good with the resistance bands and hopefully this is the beginning to allowing me to get back into the pool. 
I am excited for my next race this Sunday … the Zoo Zoom 10k in Sacramento. I am hoping for a quality time perhaps sub 41:00. For that to happen I am going to have to be able to really drive my arms and we shall see how my shoulder feels through the week going into the race.

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