evening cardio …

Another cross training day today and I realized whenever my cardio workouts are in the evening they are not very good! With limited time and being exhausted from driving around and being out and about for work, I decided to skip the trainer and use the Insanity Pure Cardio as my cross training workout for today. 
Along with the Pure Cardio workout was the Cardio Abs routine for the Insanity workout. The Insanity workouts today were originally scheduled for yesterday but due to being tired I decided to push it to Sunday. I think this was a good move because I would rather have 2 shorter but decent workouts than 1 long workout that was not effective due to fatigue. The Cardio Abs was introduced today on the schedule. This routine is typically done 1-2 times a week usually after the Pure Cardio workout. It is a 15 minute routine that uses various core exercises to target all the abs. This is pretty good because you start to really feel the core engaging in all of the movements. 
After the cardio portion of the workout, I still wanted to get in some strength work. So tonight I resorted to the P90X Legs and Back routine. It has been a very long time since I did this particular workout, so I would imagine I might be a bit sore from the legs portion tomorrow. Most of the legs exercises can be done without the weights, personally I prefer the leg workouts that don’t require weights. It is amazing what body weight exercises can do for the body. Between the leg workouts were back workouts all with a pull up bar. With my shoulder still recovering from last week’s injury, I resorted to assisted pull ups and chin ups using a chair to put my feet onto. This is a good alternative if there is an injury or if the pull ups are tough to perform. 
I am hoping my shoulder recovers pretty soon. I want and need to get back into the pool! I have worked so hard to be able to swim and I know a 2 week break from the pool is going to put me back a couple of steps. This is okay because I know in the end getting my shoulder back to top form is more important. 

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