keeping the routine …

Another training day today, and my body is feeling the hard 5k run yesterday as well as the Insanity Cardio Recovery workout. The stretching does something to me leaving me a little sore, hopefully by next week it will all be good with my body being familiar to the movements and yoga holds. As far as sticking to the calendar today I took a day off of “cross training” and running from the 3+2 plan as recommended but did the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance. So in reality I did have a cross training day, it just was not on the bike or in the water. 
After the Insanity workout, I did the P90X Chest and Back workout using very light resistance bands, while increasing my range of motion to get my shoulder back to par as quickly as possible. I hope to get my shoulder feeling good sometime next week so I can jump back into the pool for some cross training workouts. In the meantime, I will be sticking to the trainer until I feel that my shoulder can get me through a decent workout in the water. 
Tomorrow I will be hitting a 10 mile run since I won’t be able to get into the Sac Town 10 on Sunday. It isn’t a race or will have the same feel, but 10 miles is 10 miles anyway you look at it. The route for my 10 miles is pretty flat and fast just like the route the runners will be taking on this Sunday in the Downtown Sacramento area. Good luck to all of you Sac Town 10 runners!

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