an all out morning …

On the schedule today it called for an easy 3 miles. Originally I was going to run the Sac Town 10 miler this Sunday. It is the first running of this race and the race director is a friend of mine who I went to high school with, so my intent was to join in on her race that she was putting together. The course looks to be a very fun and fast course, as it is being ran downtown, so this race would have been right down my ally. Unfortunately, I have to work this Sunday out of town and with the times it makes it impossible for me to get the run in and get to work on time. Hopefully next year it I will be able to run in the Sac Town 10.
So instead of an easy 3 miler today like I would any Thursday before a race, I opted to do a get up and run 5k. My pace was pretty good as I ran a familiar all flat course this morning that starts at my drive way and ends just a few meters away. I started off pretty hard and then as the legs got to moving I started to find a comfortable pace for today. I finished at a total time of 20:10 with an average mile time of 6:50 per mile. Not a super great time but also not just average. Ideally I would have like to hit around 19:50 on the 5k.
After the hard 5k I jumped into the Insanity Cardio Recovery routine. This is a pretty good workout after a hard run and after 4 days of hard workouts. Like I mentioned last Thursday it is a good blend of balance and yoga, along with a lot of stretching to increase flexibility. Thought stretching is not my thing before a run or race, I have found it to be a pretty good workout in itself. Last week I found myself to be a little sore from the Cardio Recovery routine. 
Well for those of you excited for the Sac Town 10, I wish all of you the best of luck this Sunday and wish I could join all of you out there.

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