technical difficulties

So today turned out to be an interesting day to say the least. The morning started off with the normal stuff. Wake up get my gear on and head out of the door. Except for one thing my Garmin 305 was not starting up when I was putting my VFFs on. So I had to just go out and hit the road with my normal digital wrist watch. Equipped with just the stop watch function I started my speed workout. 
The workout for today started off with the typical 10 minute warm up run, followed by six 400 meter runs with a 400 meter rest interval, and then closing off with another 10 minute jog to “cool down”. Without the Garmin I had to rely on previous markers that I knew were about 400 meters apart, I guess that is the good thing with running the same route around my neighborhood. Having that sense of distance is always a plus in case the Garmin happens to fail me, like it did today. Fortunately, after the workouts, I was able to reset the Garmin and it turned on and uploaded my previous workouts to my computer like a charm. 
After the running portion I jumped right into the Insanity Pure Cardio workout. 40 minutes of more moving around combing core work with some legs to start in the direction of regaining that explosive step and overall improved performance. 
Even after those two previous parts of solid workouts I still mixed in a little P90X. Today’s featured strength workout was the Back and Biceps workout. I went high rep lower weight today to change it up a little bit. For me the strength workouts have really been paying off. I feel much stronger making me excited to see where all of this will get me in a couple of months with all of these fun workouts. Along with the P90X Back and Biceps workout, I did the Ab Ripper X workout. This is always an added bonus for the core.
Now the downside of the day included dislocating my shoulder at work today. I have popped it out before, so I know the feeling of it. I feel a little stiffness and soreness in the shoulder but in the end should be okay. The only real changes that I might experience over the next day is not hitting the pool to let the shoulders rest and doing some PT on the shoulder with resistance bands and lighter weights instead of throwing up some heavier dumbbells. 
Stay tuned see where this shoulder situation leads me over the next couple of days and week. Hopefully it doesn’t change my workouts too much…

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