dear wind please STOP!!!

Today was a long run day, I love long runs, but today I had some mixed feelings. If I could only have a minute of your time mother nature to just say please stop with the wind! The wind is killing me and did for most of my 8 mile run. Though my run was okay, it was not great considering I felt like I hit a head wind every time I turned a corner. In the end I averaged a 7:20 per mile pace, which is okay considering the elements. The route I took today was a pretty flat route, all neighborhood streets for the most part. The only somewhat of a climb was in the first mile where I had to take on a slight climb over a freeway overpass.

After the run I continued with the Insanity workout as planned with today’s workout being the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. One thing that I did notice during today’s run as well as during the Insanity workout is that my legs did feel a little heavy. I remember that about this time last year when I was doing Insanity workouts, I did have the same heaviness in my legs. However in the end the hard work and extra load of plyometric workouts did pay off as I posted my best times. I am hoping that this has the same direct result this time around again.

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