This morning called for wind and rain … and boy did it come down and hit pretty hard! Wind gust in Sacramento ranged from 20-40 mph depending on where you were. Along with the wind was a good amount of rain as well. For me I was little fortunate that today wasn’t too long for a run. I had a tempo run for a total of 6 miles. For the six miles I did an out and back, with the first mile being at an easy pace, followed with 3 miles at a short tempo pace averaging about 6:47 per mile pace, and then closing off with an easy 2 miles. However those easy miles that were put in, were not that easy, when winding is smacking you so hard it makes you fall back a couple steps, you started to wonder … “WHY DO I DO THIS????”. Well it is easy, it is great to get outside, an addiction and most of all it is really really fun to run!

After the run, I went straight into an Insanity workout. Thursday workouts are typically some sort of recovery workout. Today was the Cardio Recovery which is about a 32 minute workout that includes some stretching, core workout, and a mixture of yoga and balancing moves. This will be good to make sure that I do dedicate some time to making sure that I get my hip flexor, hamstrings, groin and quads stretched out after my runs allowing for recovery.

Tonight I am taking a little break from a strength workout and will do one tomorrow. Tomorrow will have some element of cardio work, which ever the Insanity program calls for, and I will combine a P90X workout after it.

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