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Today is actually an off day based on the “3+2” workout. However, as I mentioned in previous blogs I am going to reintroduce the Insanity Program to my works as a supplement for other scheduled workouts that day. With today being an off day, I did what was on the Insanity workout calendar which is the Pure Cardio workout. After the Pure Cardio workout, I did a strength workout with my wife doing the P90X Shoulders and Arms workout routine.

The Pure Cardio may sound a bit intimidating however in reality it isn’t. The nice thing about this workout is that it is only a little over 30 minutes, but there is a lot of stretching and mostly dynamic movements that help stretch the leg and lower back muscles. This workout does get the body temperature up a bit however it mostly works on the range of motion and even gets some of the muscles working that running, swimming and riding don’t really touch. There is also a little added upper body and core based exercises that are done through the workout. Each exercise in this workout routine last only about 1 minute, so getting through each little interval is pretty easy to get through. 

After the Insanity workout, my wife joined me for a little strength work, as we did the P90X shoulders and Arms workout. Even though I just started tracking my P90X workouts on the tracking sheet, I have realized how it helps me know which weight I need to grab at each exercise and also allows me to try to reach a certain rep count for that exercise. The P90X workouts that I do are usually selected on a how I feel basis rather than following their calendar. I figure that since I am already tracking 2 workout schedules, I can do the upper body workouts on a as I feel basis, even though I do prefer the back and chest workouts. 

The weather is kind of mixed right now, I am hoping the wind holds up enough for me to get my long run in tomorrow. If not I am still going to have to battle through the 8 miles, if this is the case I may run an out and back to limit the head wind that I have to battle with. Keep up with the wild weather and how it effects my runs by keeping up daily on the blog post…. I have a lot of family coming into town this weekend, and some of them are runners so perhaps I can talk a couple of them into joining me on my run before the family comes together for Bethany and I enjoy our family time at our wedding reception.

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