in the pool and then some…

Today was a cross training day. So I started off the morning with the pool workout. In the water, starts off with the typical warm-up of 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kick board, and 100 meters pull buoy. After the warm-up I hit a hard 400 meters, swimming as fast as I could go. Everyone 100 meters in the fast 400, I had a recovery of 30 seconds and then went again. After the speed workout of the swim, I pushed out 1,000 meters at a smooth tempo.

Once I got back home from the water, I started right into some core / full body weighted exercises with my wife. We did the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance workout. The workout is around 30 minutes or so. It is full of jumping, push-ups and other various exercises that had my body screaming stop at times. This is a good program to keep up with because of the fact that people of different levels of fitness can do the workout. Also the great thing about the workout is that there are no needed weights for the workout. This is day number 3 of the workout calendar of Insanity and I intend on following through with it again. This will be my third complete cycle through the workout. Last year I did it two times through consecutively and thought it contributed to my faster times in many of my runs. I am hoping that doing it all again will continue to help me set some PRs again in 2011.

In the evening, I continued with my garage group workout with my buddy Will. Again we hit up the P90X workout routine. Tonight’s workout was Shoulders, Chest and Triceps. This is an awesome workout to get the upper body pushing up a good amount of weight and really holding back on the cardio at the same time since I typically rev up the cardio in the mornings through running or cross training and an Insanity workout.

I am looking forward to tomorrow since the weather is supposed to be a nasty one so check out what my workouts might end up looking like with a tempo run in the schedule.

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