back home …

I woke up this morning and woke up to this great view of the ocean in Santa Barbara. The weather was stormy through most of Sunday and today, but the air still felt pretty clean. Watching from my room I saw a number of runners enjoying the beach view while on their run and it actually made me jealous that they were out there enjoying it, while today was a cross training day for me. However, I know that I will be running along that same path many of those runners were able to enjoy without battling the 30 mph wind blasting at them.

So I returned back home and after a long ride in the car, sometimes the best thing to do is just get to a workout. That is what I exactly did. I jumped right onto the trainer to get the body working a little bit, the legs peddling, the lungs working and the blood flowing. There is no better feeling that getting a little sweaty after a 6 hour venture in a car. I jumped on the trainer and peddled for 30 minutes tonight at a medium pace peddling around 80-85 rpm.

After the 30 minutes on the trainer, I did the P90X back and chest routine. The push-ups really had me going as I was doing some of the tough push-ups at a fast pace tonight while pumping out more reps. Starting tomorrow I will really push the workouts getting in some Insanity workouts as much as I can and also making sure to start tracking my P90X workout numbers just to see how I am improving especially with my push up numbers. The workout this evening after a travel day was well deserved. Some people see workouts as punishing but I see them as rewards!

After the workout, I jumped right onto the computer and registered for the California International Marathon 2011. If you have not registered for the CIM, make sure you do since there is a 7,500 runner cap on the CIM.

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