The weather today is pretty crazy outside with winds up to 50 mph. Looking out at the ocean, the water is crashing pretty hard as it hits the shoreline. Still it is a workout day. I know you might think, yesterday was my wedding and why am I still working out or how do I have time. Well working out is part of the routine and fortunately my bride is up for working out as well so we went to the hotels workout room to workout.

I started off with some weights building a little strength routine into my cross training day. I did a 25 pushups between each group of weighted exercises focusing on a different muscle each time. I first started with 3 shoulder exercises, then did my pushups, moved onto triceps, followed by another set of pushups, then came the biceps, followed by more pushups and ending with some back exercises. Each muscle group was attacked with 3 different exercises. All of the exercises were high rep counts to make up for the lower weighted dumbbells that were available in the fitness center.

After the strength work I jumped onto the stationary bike also in the fitness center. I rode for 30 minutes with various tempos of riding. For the first 20 minutes I rode at a 85 rpm pace. While the final 10 minutes were intervals going hard for 30 seconds and slowing down for 30 seconds. For the hard intervals I pushed the peddles to about 125 rpm and for the slower pace I dropped to about 80 rpm.

Today was a good workout for what I had around me. There is always a way to workout and get something done even away from home.

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