Today is more than just another 8 mile run. Yes I ran it in a different place. I put my long run in Santa Barbara, along State Street. Today is also the day I become the luckiest man on Earth. Today is my wedding day, as some of you know that have been following my blog since last week. The weather this morning was amazing! A little cool but the sun was peaking through the clouds providing a little warmth during the run. The route itself is a bit challenging but was well worth it.

I ran a 4 mile out and back which was an awesome turning point. I didn’t plan my
run as far as knowing where I would end up to turn, but what a great point I hit my 4 mile mark at to turn. I ended right at the beach took a photo of the palm trees with the sun peeking right past them.

Anyways as far as my actual run I had a great run. Posting just under a 7.30 per mile pace. I wanted to keep it relaxed and the steady little hills kept me at that overall pace. The flats I did hit fairly hard but the downhills and uphills I took my time.

Well I hope you enjoyed my blog for today. It’s time to make my way to the wedding!

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