This morning I decided to go back and do what I did in the past. This was also spurred by one of the recent articles I read in “Running Times” Magazine. For the 5 mile tempo run I had scheduled today, I decided to go without a watch for this one and just listen to my body to push myself with a time I didn’t know. Sometimes it is just about listening to my body and not doing always what my watch tells me to do.

I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to control my time, not the runners around me, and not my watch. I feel that sometimes my watch prevents me from doing better especially in training. I understand the pace time is important in races, but in the end in training, I should be pushing myself. Sometimes I tell myself before the run today, I am going to run a 7:00 minute per mile pace for 7 miles, or whatever the running schedule has me doing. But what if I am feeling really good and I can push out a 6:52 per mile pace, well then I just limited the ability to push myself today. I need to really push myself and not rely on my watch to tell how fast or slow I should be going that day. Now on recovery days, perhaps slower is more on those days and a watch putting a cap on my speed can really help out on those recovery days.

Now if you are looking for more other than those 5 miles that I put in today, you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to get more blog reading. The 5 miles is all I did. That is all I really wanted to do today. Tomorrow is an off day for running, but I might put in some strength work. Only time can tell so check back tomorrow to see what was done for my workout.

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