all strength

No cardio for me today. No running. No trainer. No swimming. Today was just a quick P90X Chest and Back routine. The workout has a lot of pushups, pull ups and a couple of weighted exercises for the back. I can really feel the chest workouts really kicking in as I am able to do more push ups in a quicker amount of time. Also the pull up movements with the band and the doorway pull up bar really help with the overall strength.

The P90X Chest and Back workout, for those of you that have not done this one, is pretty simple. It consist of 12 exercises alternating chest then back. The routine is repeated twice through, so you end up doing 12 chest movements and 12 back movements. As many of you regular readers know I skip their warm-up, stretching and cool down. I also fast forward through the water breaks and once I hit my max number of that given exercise I forward through their time allotment. So in the end this routine only takes a little over 20 minutes or so, once you get going.

my pull up bar

Now some of you blog followers understand swimming and jumping on the bike for cross training. They both get the legs involved and they both hit the cardio side without impacting the legs too much. But why upper body workouts like … shoulders and arms, chest and back, and so forth? Well the entire body works when you run. It is important to get a total body strength to get everything working together. Also it helps develop the core. Back in 2004 and 2006 when I did my first RnR San Diego, and CIM in 2006, I did very little to get the core working. In fact all I did was run and elliptical training. What I saw with that was a weak core that limited my endurance and hindered my speed development. So from a personal standpoint that is why I do the upper body workouts and other P90X routines and Insanity workouts. Again for each have their own and for some certain workouts are not needed or your body doesn’t respond to how mine does with a good upper body workout to supplement the running, swimming, and riding.

Outside of the strength today is a day off. If you are on the same schedule as me, enjoy your day off or if your not on a day off then rip through your workout.

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