water, air and land

Starting off today in the water. I did the typical warm-up in the water with the 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters with the kick board, and 100 meters with the pull buoy. After hitting the warm-up I got right into the workout and for the first part of the workout I really just tried to keep a solid tempo and just stay consistent. The total workout swim after the warm-up today was 1500 meters which is 60 laps for those swimming in a 25 meter pool. For the first 40 laps or so it was a steady pace as I mentioned previously. After the 40th lap, I started pushing the pace of the swim and really got myself to a point where it really tested my water strength. By the end of the pool workout, I was really pleased to see how hard I was able to go in the pool.

After the pool workout, I thought to myself that I have not done plyometric work in a number of weeks. So I decided to throw in a pretty challenging workout the moment I got home from the pool workout. I went straight into my gym area at my home and through in the the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. This is about a 40 minute workout that was pushing me to use my legs and even some upper body, but the jumping in the air was where this workout was really all about. Perhaps one of the best things about this workout and any of the Insanity workouts is the fact that it forces me to use other muscles that I am perhaps not really working while in the pool, on the bike or running.

In the evening it was about getting more strength work in. My buddy Will came by again as he normally does on a Wednesday evening and we did a P90X chest, tricep and shoulders workout. This is an awesome workout like always as each week I can tell I am able to do more reps and even push more weight as the workouts continue.

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