pushing 32’s

After this weekend’s half marathon, it was time to get back at it. No time off because I want to build on the mileage that I put on this weekend. Today was another speed day. The workout called for a 10 minute warm-up, 2 x 3200 meter runs with a 400 meter rest interval and then a 10 minute jog at the end of the workout. I was feeling pretty good today running the first 3200 meter run just over 13 minutes, the second set was just under 14 minutes. So really focusing on going all out was an important thing for me going into today’s workout. I am excited to push the speed to it’s limits and get myself really running at another level after this weekends run. After the street workout, I jumped onto the trainer as my cool down for 15 minutes going at a easy pace to allow the heart rate to come back down.

In the evening, I did another workout this time focusing on the strength part of a workout. My buddy Will and I did the P90X back and biceps workout. This is a solid workout especially for the back. Just trying to elevate my overall fitness and strength both upper body and lower body will be key to being able to perform at the level I want to in the races for 2011. After the back and biceps workout we continued and did a little ab workout following the Ab Ripper X routine. The Ab Ripper is a great workout and really burns the abs.

Tomorrow I am back into the pool and hoping to push the level I train.

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