Shamrock’n Half Marathon

This morning was the Shamrock’n Half Marathon in West Sacramento California. The weather was great for running today, as the rain and winds held off for the entire run. Even the wind that did kick in was not too bad around mile 10, 11 and 12. So my time was 1 hour 35 minutes and 29 seconds, finishing number 119 out of the over 5,000 runners out there. Overall I was pretty happy with the run, but still a bit disappointed with the result. I knew that I was going to struggle a little bit with missing a week of work outs about 3 weeks back. Still I wanted to be able to get more out of myself today in the race. I am now looking forward to the next race so I can compete at a better time that I am capable for running.

The course was pretty interesting, this year there was a lot more time on the trail. Last year there seemed to be less train and more street, which I prefer. However I think a lot of their new course had to do with the construction going on around the baseball stadium. There were a number of little surprise climbs that snuck up on you through the course but nothing too bad that made me want to walk. The only really major downside of this course was the start, where right after the “gun”, the group starting group was a mess and there was an immediate turn right, causing for some bumping at the start. Other than that, really no major issues about the course.

I did have an issue with the pacer for the 1:30:00 group. I am not saying that the pacer caused me to run a time that I was not too happy with, but a pacer can effect the run at times during a race. Right out of the gate I was trying to keep up with the pacer, when I looked down at my watch at mile 1, we were at a sub 6:50 mile. I figured okay perhaps we start the first mile hard just to get out of the mess of a start. The odd pace did not just stop there, he would slow the first 1/2 of the miles and start to pick up during the second 1/2 mile. It was almost like hitting interval work. I should always stick to my plan where I try to hit mile for mile the same times, and keep it on me. This is the 4th time I have used a pacer in various races, and there has yet to have been a time where I crossed the finish line with the pacer. Lesson learned today, was that I need to just focus on my run rather than basically chase or keep up with the pacer.

At the end of the race, I still found enjoyment of running another half marathon and with this one finishing inside of Raley Field. Raley Field is the home of the Sacramento Rivercats, the triple A affiliate of the Oakland A’s. Time to get back to the training and step it up a notch and push my body to levels I know I can perform at and more!

A big thank you to the race organizers, the supporters along the course, and GODSOME! faith driven active wear. (

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