590 pinned and ready

The 590 bib is pinned on the running tank. Tomorrow will be a great day at the Shamrock’n Half Marathon. As for today, I jumped on the trainer to start my day and peddled for about 30 minutes just to get the legs moving and the body warmed up.

I know some of you notice that my running jersey has an actual team in the photo. Though I have not been able to train with them as much as I have wanted to, I have done a couple of long runs with Buffalo Chips Running Club. I met a couple of runners last summer and also chatted with some of the members back at the California International Marathon. After chatting with more and more people about some of their running habits I decided, it is time to have a group that I can run with but also learn from. There is a wealth of running knowledge that I have already gained in the short time that I have been around some of their runners, but still it will help me in the long run. The more people I can associate myself with when it comes to running, the better I will be off. Ultimately my goal is to run the Boston Marathon, but I need to take the proper steps to get there and having a group who I can chat with and run with is one of those steps that will help me get to where I want to finish.

While on the trainer I was reading the current issue of Running Times. In there was a pretty interesting piece of information / write up that I need to get back onto. I think I till get back to it starting next week as well. That piece that I am taking about is seen in the photo on the right. The short writing suggestion read “running watchless” with a photo of a watch where the time read “NO”. Just a couple of months ago and preparing for the CIM, I dumped the watch. The end result was I ran my best CIM time to date. So perhaps not completely dumping it, but I think it is time to go back to that at times and just let it go so I can release the mental pressures I put on myself about having to run a certain split. It has worked for me before and it is time for me to have it work again for other races this 2011 running season.

I hope to see some of you out there tomorrow running and cheering. A full day’s recap of the half marathon and the course will be posted tomorrow. With the new course this year, it should be interestin to see how things workout.

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