five nine zero … "c3 19 11b"

So I was able to check in and pick up my bib today for the Shamrock’n Half Marathon this Sunday. I made my way to Fleet Feet in Downtown Sacramento after my morning workout. Today was a simple final run before the race on Sunday. I ran a very relaxed and easy 3 miles around my neighborhood, so no hills, nothing to climb, just flat and easy. I ran at a pace of just under 7 minutes and 45 seconds per mile. After coming back indoors from the comfortable running weather outside, I jumped right onto the trainer for a very relaxing 25 minutes of peddling.

For the evening workout I did a very quick version of the P90X Back and Biceps workout. I did all of the exercises but sped up the workout by hitting the fast forward button after I hit my max rep count and skipped all of the rest times.

As I headed to Fleet Feet Downtown Sacramento, I expected a Thursday early packet pick up would be quick and not so busy. Well I was wrong, it was pretty busy and a lot of people were there taking a look at the great sidewalk deals … shoes ranged from $10 to $50! Amazing right? I didn’t pick anything up because I would rather save my $50 for a rainy day. After waiting in line for my number I was excited to see that my personalized bib number came out correct.

The number 590 is not what I was worried about, but it is what is above the number which I wanted to make sure was correct. Above my 590 race number is “c3 19 11b”. For those who do not know what that means, it just looks like a couple of letters with 5 numbers in between. Typically that is where it would read “RUN 4 WILL”. Don’t worry that will still be written on the racing bib. “Run 4 Will” is always somewhere on my bib when I race. But back to the “c3 19 11b”, that is pretty significant for me and Bethany. The “c” is for Christopher, the “b” on the end is for Bethany, and the numbers “3 19 11” in between the “c” and the “b” is our wedding date, yes that is correct, less than 1 week from race day, Bethany and I will be getting married. I thought I would make this race even more special by placing the “c3 19 11b” right on the racing bib.

This weekend is going to be a fun and exciting race. I am happy to be running for several reasons and different things. This is my first race of 2011, the first run wearing a team jersey, the first run spreading the message of GODSOME!, another “run 4 will”, and most importantly I get to sport the “c3 19 11b” on my bib! I hope to see all of you out there, lets get some good weather, and follow my blog as I have 2 more days of possible workouts before I head to the start line.

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