a little more cross training …

Today was a cross training day on the schedule. With 2 days before the Shamrock’n Half Marathon, I am getting ready to hit the starting line. For my workout this morning, I started off in the pool and then made my way onto the trainer for a relaxed and easy ride. The pool workout was good, I started off with the same warm-up routine of 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kick board, and 100 meters with the pull buoy. After the warm-up I did 400 meters of freestyle and then another 400 meters with flippers. The swim workouts are running smooth and so I think next week I will look up another workout to start really pushing the distance and perhaps even learning other strokes to develop strength in the pool.

When I got back home I jumped straight onto my trainer and peddled for 45 minutes to get my workout fix in. The ride on the trainer is like a morning cup of coffee I guess. Riding on the trainer keeping it easy is the goal for today just like it has been over the last week. To do this I finished the book I recently started while on the bike today. The reading of the book lets me just peddle without pushing too hard on the bike. Next week I will also start to push the tempo on the trainer and dump the book as well when I jump on the bike.

Today I used my new GODSOME! athletic gym bag, when I first got the bag it seemed kind of small but then when I actually used it I realized how it is the perfect gym bag size. The gym bag is pictured in the photo on the upper right hand corner of the blog post for today. The bag which I took with me to the pool was able to hold my flippers, kick board, pull buoy, goggles, swim cap, towel and an extra pair of clothes. So from a gym goers this is an awesome bag to have. You can find it on http://www.godsome.org under the accessories part of the online shop, it is called the “GODSOME! Super Bowl Gospel Bag”.

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