one for one

GODSOME! official vehicle 

Today was an easy cross training day, very simple ride on the trainer. I peddled for a good 50 minutes today, nice and smooth. Nothing too strenuous, but good enough to get the heart rate up and the blood moving through the body. While on the bike I continued to read some of the current book I am reading “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon. Often while I am on the bike, especially when I am cooling down or planning on keeping the ride nice and easy, I have found that reading while on the trainer keeps me from going all out on the bike when I need to keep it easy.

There was no strength training today, but I will get some sort of strength training in on Thursday. While the rest of the week is pretty simple, I will still make sure to not change too much going into the Sunday run. The only thing I am going to change is have my rest day on Saturday rather than Friday. I am still going to hit the pool on Friday as a cross training, and maybe even do a light ride on Saturday. So technically Saturday might not be a complete day off. Tomorrow will be my last run for the week and that will be an easy 3 mile run around the block.

women’s tops

So today I had another meeting with the Owner of GODSOME!. It was a good chat with Martin Flores. We discussed the future of the company and the excitement of the athletic training line. While chatting with him, he passed along some of the casual apparel line for me to wear around. As many of you regular blog readers or friends on Facebook, Twitter followers, know GODSOME! is my official sponsor.  The apparel line is awesome. Very comfortable and the designs are very nice. I recommend you check out their website . The photos in the blog are some sample designs that GODSOME! has.

men’s tops and gym bag

Also perhaps one of the best features of GODSOME! is that they are a one for one company. For those of you that do not know what a one for one company is, let me inform you. A one for one company is a company that donates one item every time an item is purchased. For stories about children who benefit from GODSOME!, check out some of the stories on Facebook. Search “GODSOME!” on Facebook and become a fan of theirs and you can learn about all of the great things that are being done by one apparel company based out of Northern California.

You will see me wearing some GODSOME! gear this weekend pre and post race. And in some other upcoming races you will see me racing in the actual running tops by GODSOME! I hope to see all of you out there at the Shamrock’n Half Marathon this Sunday in Sacramento.

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