400s never hurt anyone

The weather was cooperative this morning for the early workout. I hope the weather holds up for this Sunday’s Shamrock’n Half Marathon. Starting off with the speed workout warm-up of 10 minutes, I cover a little over 2,000 meters. After the warm-up I went right into the workout itself. The workout for today was 6 x 400 meter runs with a 400 rest interval between each one. This is a lighter week of speed work with the 13.1 mile race this weekend. After the 400s, I put in another 10 minutes on the run, before jumping on the trainer.

The trainer work today was pretty light even though from a time standpoint it was 25 minutes on the bike. However with the 25 minutes on the bike I didn’t push it hard, and I focused on just getting the body to cool down while reading a couple of pages from my current book I am reading, “The Energy Bus”. I highly recommend this book as it puts things into perspective of how good thoughts equate to positive energy. It also makes us realize how lucky we are. While reading a section in the book, it made me think …. having an injury or being sick a couple weeks back does suck, but I am lucky enough to be healthy and running where I can worry about those things. Other people are not so fortunate to be able to have a set back in running, because they have physical disabilities that prevent them from running or even walking.

For the evening I did a little strength on my own, the night time garage gym group workout is not happening this week because my buddy Will is out of town. Anyways, I still took on P90X tonight alone. I did the Chest and Back workout, which is always a good quick workout to get the upper body working. Now this week might be different because I will probably not do the Ab Ripper X, with the race this Sunday.

The workouts were good today, and I am looking forward to finally getting myself to a start line… and of course more importantly through the finish line!

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