thanks YouTube !

So today was a lighter cross training workout, with the Shamrock’n this weekend. This morning I did my cross training in the pool. I started with my typical warm-up of 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kick board and 100 meters with the pull buoy. After the warm-up I swam 600 meters freestyle. This was much shorter than my workout last week when I notched over 2000 meters in the water, and boy did my abs pay for that one the next day!

Today I also worked out a couple of sore muscles with my roller. Now I have owned a number of foam rollers before, but the best is what I use now. It is the Trigger Point roller, which I purchased at Fleet Feet in Downtown Sacramento. This roller is different because for those of you that use foam rollers know, over the course of time the foam starts to compress and warp to where it doesn’t roll as well and it is doesn’t really do the job any longer. With the Trigger Point foam roller it has a reinforced tube under the padded outer layer. This gives the life of the roller a lot more time. It is great and for me it seems to work a lot better.

Originally I was going to expand on my thoughts of the foam roller, but I decided to give another two cents of information about my workouts. Well today was you know was a cross training day in the pool. I really have not shared this information with many people, but now it is out there in this blog. Before I joined my local 24 Hour Fitness to start my swimming workouts, I never swam in a lap pool in my life, and in fact never swam as a form of working out. My previous pool experiences is playing in the pool at family events, holding onto the side or standing around the pool throwing stuff or splashing people with the occasional cannonball! So with that being said, I was kind of lost, how do I just start swimming in a workout center next to people who know what they are doing without looking like a fool. I looked up different websites to figure out my workouts so I could have a plan. However in the end it came down to, “how do I swim?”. Well with the power of the internet, I did some searching. Trying to figure out how to properly swim doing the freestyle method, using a kick board and pull buoy. I used YouTube as my own personal swimming coach to figure some little tricks and gain my knowledge about swimming. It was great little 2 minute videos to help me learn things, watch them over a couple times and be ready to try to use that form or technique that I learned in the pool at the gym. So in just about a course of 3 months I have been able to go from a never before lap swimmer to swimming over 2,000 meters in a single workout.

In the end if you use the power of the internet I truly believe you can accomplish some good things. If you don’t know how to do something ask someone, if you have anyone to ask, then look it up yourself. It will take sometime to get where you want, but in the end you can achieve some amazing things physically. I know I will never be a world class swimmer, but I will be able to complete a triathlon someday. In fact, the use of the internet is not something new to me with learning about new things. That is how I first was able to complete my very first marathon back in 2004, and look at where it has gotten me now. It has made me someone who loves running marathons, half marathons, and just staying fit. Being someone who enjoys being the support person to my friends who want to accomplish their fitness goals. Hope all of you are having a good workout leading into the Shamrock’n or whatever your next upcoming event is.

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