i was on the trainer… then i was like wow!

So being back home to workout is always a good workout for me. Tonight I peddled on the trainer for 60 minutes. The pace was pretty relaxed as I just wanted to get the legs working a little bit and get a little cardio going. While on the trainer tonight I was browsing a couple of magazines which is often the case when I am more on an easy paced cross training day rather than a hard all out push on the trainer. Tonight’s magazines of choice while on the trainer for the 60 minutes were “OnFitness” and “Muscle & Fitness”.

Both magazines had some pretty good articles, if I use them that is always a toss up. I typically get my training information or other helpful hints from running or triathlon magazines.  However, tonight there was something I came across that caught my eye, and I was shocked to see. In an article about squats, the guy in the squat position was wearing Vibram Five Fingers! It is amazing to me how often or how “main stream” the VFFs have become. For me I think it is great, they work for me. However with chatting with other runners and people who have tried the “barefooted running” movement, it doesn’t work for everyone. For me it has improved my times, decreased my injuries and brought back a joy for running I once lost for a bit. So whatever extent it actually works I am all for it. Perhaps the mistake that people are making are they are expecting unrealistic goals too quickly by jumping right into the VFFs.  The photo to the right is a picture of the guy doing squats in the article from “Muscle and Fitness”.

So with a week before the Shamrock’n Half Marathon, this week will pretty easy going into the race. For this week it looks like this: Monday easy cross training in the pool, Tuesday is speed work, Wednesday will be in the pool, Thursday will be an easy and relaxed 3 miles, Friday will be a bike day, Saturday will be an off day, Sunday will be race day, and I will probably get about 2-3 strength workouts sometime in the middle of the week.

Hope all of you had a good weekend and workouts. Keep up with the blogs and see how things get going as I get closer to race day next Sunday.

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