on the road again…

Another long run today, but the common theme from last weekend also continued. A run, that was away from home again. Today was an 8 mile run in Newark, California. I had to come out for work and spend a lot of time in a seat and indoors, but I still made sure I had my running gear with me. This morning’s run was a pretty fun run today because it was in a new place, the weather was nice, and I felt pretty good on my run.

Though I felt good on my run, it was a little slower than I had wanted, but this is often the case when I run in a place I am not familiar to because I am trying to remember landmarks to be able to get back to my starting spot. The 8 mile route I had taken today had a couple of loops around a pretty quiet area, in fact I only saw 2 other runners on the street this morning. The all paved sidewalks were nice to run on, and I felt completely safe on my run this morning. The sidewalks gave a little bit of a challenge as they were some rolling hills on the street that I ran off of Newark Blvd.

Trying to keep with some familiar things that are consistent with things that I would have at home, I had my iPod playing, the normal other gear, and all the basics. The other consistent thing that I had with me was spending some time with my devotional book after the run, and I even had a can of coconut water awaiting me after the run as well. The Raley’s shopping store just a minute away surprisingly had coconut water. I am amazed on how mainstream the coconut water movement has become. I have no problems with that because it just makes it easier for me to find coconut water when I am away from home.

One week from tomorrow is the Shamrock’n and I am excited for the run. I cannot wait for it to come around, and I am hoping that the weather holds up allowing for a good run and being able to finish in the Raley Field ball park. If the weather is not good that day then the race will finish outside of the stadium.

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