enter my gym…

the cushioned flooring

Today is a day off from workouts and a little over one week from my first race of the 2011 season. The Shamrock’n Half Marathon, will be a good challenge to get the season started with 5,000 other runners on the course, and some early flu issues will make it for an interesting race day on Sunday March 13.

So this blog entry is all about where the “workout magic” really happens. The garage gym that has housed many hours of working out from the bike on the trainer, the P90X, Insanity, CHP, boxing workouts and many other various workouts.

the trainer & punching bags

 Some of you may know or perhaps may not know, that for a number of years, I was a firm believer in the gym workouts. You typical gym in the neighborhood where I also would spend several hours a day doing various workouts. Then I realized I could build the same thing in my house if I really wanted to. One of the first things I did in building my garage gym was dropping in some floor. I bought the padded flooring at the local Sam’s Club store and got a great deal on them. I ended up having to get about 4 packs of the flooring spending about $100. The flooring makes it nice to give that added cushion when doing plyometrics and even just having your hands being comfortable when doing push-ups. The other items that you can see in the photos include punching bags, dumbbells, kettle bells and push-up bars. There are also some other random pieces of exercise equipment that have been added over the course of time such as the resistance bands.

my weekly running workout board
the dumbbell rack

Anyways having this “gym” to call mine has given me a sense of pride for what I do when I am working out. Also the biggest thing with building or converting my garage into a gym is that it allows me to workout in a place that feels like it really isn’t part of my house. It allows me to remove myself from other distractions in the house when I enter “my gym”. I am not the only one who has benefited from this location, I have had a number of friends who join me regularly in workouts and others that pop in whenever they can join the workouts. I know sometimes we look for things to keep us motivated or places to workout outside of the gym but we still want to do some of those gym workouts. My suggestion perhaps try designating your own “place” to create a workout where you can remove yourself from other distractions.

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