15 minutes to focus

Today was a good day of workouts. For some reason the last 3 days of workouts have been such a “go after it” mentality. First of all the weather this morning was outstanding here in Sacramento. The weather folks kept on saying rain was going to move in, I was a bit worried about slushing through the rain again. Not that I am against running in the rain, but it does get a bit old sometimes. However I knew I was in store for some good running weather when I looked out of my window before throwing on my running gear and saw only one thing … BLUE SKIES!!! The temperature when I got outside was in the high 40s or low 50s, just perfect for me. Now for the workout today it was as it shows on the photo 6 miles total, with a tempo run in the middle. So first I hit the 2 easy miles, going about 8 minutes per mile pace. The for the 3 miles at the short tempo pace, I ran at about a 6.50 per mile pace. Then to close off the run I ran the 1 easy mile at a pace of 8.10 per mile pace. It was a good solid run, my legs felt good, however for some reason today my chest felt a little tight.

After the run, I did what I have found to be a bit of a routine, and that is jumped on the trainer. There is a little more than just trying to get more cardio in to do some catching up since I was knocked out by the flu a few weeks back. Now here is a little more to know about “my time” in the gym which is my garage I converted into a workout area. This is my meditation and focus spot when I workout alone in the mornings. Perhaps not the most ideal spot, but this is also when I get chance to just shut down the technology jump on the trainer and get to focus on myself. Today while on the trainer I did what I have been doing pretty regularly as of late and that is reading my daily devotional in my “Green Bible Devotional”, which my fiance Bethany gave to me for my birthday. The 15 minutes on the trainer today, provides more than just the cool down and the added cardio. It provides me with a place to commit myself to my faith and place of meditation. Often times this is what goes on while on the trainer, because this is a place where I can remove myself from my distractions and stay focused on certain things.

To close off the night, the “Garage Gym Group” continued our workouts for the week and did a good one tonight to end this week’s workouts. Over a year ago, my cousin Mike, gave me a copy of a DVD which is known by friends and other workout partners as “The CHP”. You got it correct, the CHP is the California Highway Patrol. The CHP workout is a 20 minute workout which will break you down and make you hurt in ways you didn’t think you could hurt! After the workout, which is filled with mountain climbers, push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts and other movements, there is a run. So tonight we decided to put in a 2 and a 1/4 mile run. For me it was about just providing my buddy Will a running partner in the evening, not going after it from a running stand point but, giving my buddy someone to complete the run with. As many of you know working out and running is something I love to do, so any of my friends that want to do either one, I will join them and give them that support and try my best to keep them going.

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