what 2k?!

Wow! That pretty much describes my workouts today. The morning workout was perhaps one of the best swimming workouts I have had at this point. Granted I have only been swimming since December, but I have had some pretty proud moments up to this point. This morning was really different when I got to the pool, I was going to challenge my workout today. When I mean challenge the workout, I didn’t try to swim faster … I just tried to swim more. So I started with my typical warm-up in the pool, 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kick board, and 100 meters pull buoy. After that I went with a calm relaxed freestyle stroke and just kept going. 500 meters was easy, so I kept going. Usually around 1000 meters I start to feel it. This morning, I was feeling good and this is when I really started to feel everything clicking. 1500 meters, I was feeling a bit tired but still feeling like I could push out more. I swam 2,000 meters in the workout today. Who would have ever thought that I would be able to swim a 2k so quickly … I sure didn’t. I have been really excited on some of strides in the pool I have made. When I ended my workout I felt exhausted but felt very much accomplished today. This is the most I have ever swam to this point. With the warm-up I swam 2,300 meters today!

About mid-day I was feeling pretty sore and even into the evening. My abs haven’t felt this sore since the days I was boxing and took body shots by guys I would spar. I definitely worked my entire body in the pool and pulled most of my body using my core through the water.

Well the workout didn’t stop there. As you blog followers know, I have my Wednesday night workout with my “Garage Gym Group”. The workout tonight was the P90X Shoulders and Arms routine. Tonight we thought there was going to be a new member to the workout group joining my buddy Will and I, however the new member to be had to raincheck the workout tonight. The Shoulders and Arms routine, is a good challenge using some heavier weights to push some strength in my shoulders, biceps and triceps. The weight I used tonight varied from 30 pound dumbbells down to 10 pound dumbbells.

Tomorrow will be an interesting workout day, a tempo run is lined up and for the evening workout we have a special workout planed. Stay tuned for the blog tomorrow night as it is going to be a dandy!

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