1,000 meters or 1k for short …

Today was a good day for running. The weather waking up was cooperative for a morning run. Nice skies as you can see in the photo to the left, the sun was coming out and it provided for some good warmth as the body warmed up after the warmup.

The workout starts off with the 10 minute run, which is the norm for the Tuesday speed workouts. I cover about 2,000 meters in that 10 minutes, so the pace is nice and easy but still good enough to get the body warmed up. The 3+2 workout recommends a 10-20 minute warmup, I typically stick to the 10 minutes because it is a time that is good enough to get my legs and body warmed up before the actual workout.

After the warmup, the fun part kicks in. The scheduled workout for today is 5 sets of 1,000 meters or 1k. Between each 1k is a 400 meter rest interval. I ran the 1k at about a 4 minute per 1k pace. The rest interval of 400 meters was a jog/walk pace to get my legs ready for the next 1k. To end the workout I did another 10 minute jog, covering about 2,000 meters. However, the morning workout did not just stop after the run, I decided to jump onto the trainer for about 20 minutes. The pace was nice and easy, and actually the trainer after my run allows my body to cool down even more, this is actually when I do most of my post run recovery and rehydration.

As you blog followers know on a Tuesday, the workouts don’t just stop on the mornings. In the evening I have my strength workout group at my garage that was converted into a gym. The evening workout was the P90X Chest and Back workout. This is a pretty challenging workout. For you P90Xers, our workout group uses bands for the pull-ups. One thing I decided during the workout this evening, was I am going to start tracking the number of push-ups I am able to do, just to track my progress during the workouts which include the push-ups.

Tomorrow night is another strength workout group. We may have a new member to the workout group tomorrow night, so I am hoping that he does join us. As many of you know working out is something I really enjoy and the more people who join us the better the group. Also as a heads up stay tuned for Thursday’s blog post because that will be a fun evening workout group workout, which is not a P90X workout… so stay tuned…

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