Multi Sporting

I typically hit the water or jump on the trainer on my Sunday workouts, but today was a little different. While deciding to spend one more day down in Ventura, Ca. I didn’t have the luxury of jumping in my local pool or hoping on my trainer. So I had to find some sort of activity to get the body moving a little bit. Even though I didn’t get my full cross training cardio in, it is still important to get some sort of physical activity in for today. So today I opted to spend time on the basketball court and playing a little tennis wall ball with my fiancée’s family.

There are 2 weeks from today until the Shamrock’n and even though these early races are to put the miles in to build to the full marathons it is still important to taper a bit before the race. So this week will be a pretty hard week but next week will be a bit easier and more relaxed thank normal.

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