Ventura Runnin’

The weather was beautiful this morning as you can see from my photo in Ventura, Ca. I put my long run in this morning around the Ventura area, 12 miles to be exact. The first 3 miles were a bit rough for me perhaps due to the driving legs from the previous day. However once I was able to get beyond those miles it was a really good run. There were some rollings roads on the course but for the most part pretty flat. The sun was out but there was still an occasional head wind that provided for some resistance to run into.

With 2 weeks left before my first race of the 2011 season I am feeling pretty good and confided that I will do well. I am not sure if a PR is in the picture but often times those things just happen based on how the body is feeling that day. After battling the flu a couple of weeks back I have been pleased with my runs as today I posted a 7 minute 40 second per mile pace, which is not great but good for a training run after a week of poor runs. I am excited and can’t wait for the Shamrock’n to finally come about and be able to to lineup at the starting line with the 5,000 other runners that day.

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