getting it back

Today I woke up feeling a lot better, and I said to myself … “today I push myself to see what I can push out today on my run.” The training schedule for today has me running a 5 mile at a mid tempo pace, which is about a 6.52 per mile pace. I was able to get the run in at a total time of 34 minutes and 29 seconds which was about a 6.54 per mile pace. A total of 9 seconds off of my goal time for today. I was feeling good because my chest was not as congested as it has been in the last couple of weeks. The course I ran was all flat, which helped the time out, but my legs felt great at the end of the run. I am feeling like I will perform well in the upcoming half marathon on March 13th in Sacramento. I opted to stay off of the bike this morning and just keep to my run, since I was able to complete the run in a time that I was happy with knowing that I got my cardio in during the morning.

The evening brought some strength training. My buddy Will and I did our regular Thursday evening workout of the P90X Chest, Shoulders and Tri. Along with the upper body strength workout, we decided to do the Ab Ripper X workout as well to get some extra ab workout in. Next week should be a good week of strength work as we are going to mix in some other various workouts from the P90X to the CHP workout. The typical strength workouts occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Tomorrow is a rest and recovery day for me, but I will still take a moment to post a blog, and it should be an interesting couple of weeks going into my first race of the 2011 season. So you blog followers… stay tuned!!!

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