going after it

This morning was a good workout. A cross training day, which seemed to be more than just another swim, it was a solid workout that I was very much pleased with. Especially with the missed workouts over a week ago due to the flu, I need to do some catching up by logging in a little extra work during each of my workout sessions. The swim started with my typical warmup of 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kick board, 100 meters pull buoy. After the warmup I went straight into the 1000 meter continuous freestyle swim. After completing the swim, I jumped right onto the trainer and rode for 30 minutes. Now this workout might seem similar to previous cross training workouts, however the effort of the swim was much harder today, less recovery between the laps and just really pushing through the workout to keep the heart rate up.

In the evening I finished off with another workout with my buddy Will. We tend to get evening workouts in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in my garage which was converted into a gym. The evening workout was the P90X Cardio X DVD. This workout is pretty good, it incorporates some core, plyos, cardio, and kempo karate  moves.

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