thirty two hundred

my workout drink

Today was a some great weather in Sacramento. A little bit on the cooler side but the sun was out and once I got warmed up it was awesome to run in. I started my workout with a 10 minute easy run before getting into the actual workout for the day. After the warmup came the real work, 2 x 3200 meters with a 400 rest interval between each 3200 meter run. After the workout was a 10 minute jog before hoping onto the trainer for a 30 minute ride. The 3200 meters was at a good pace covering the 2 miles in about 14 minutes for each set. I am still feeling bit congested in the chest as I recover from the flu that hit me pretty hard a couple of weeks ago. However I am confident that come the Shamrock’n Half Marathon I should be able to perform at a level my body is capable of.  It is also time to start looking into other races that I will be officially registering for, for the 2011 running season. At this moment, the only 2 I have registered for are the Shamrock’n Half Marathon in March and the San Francisco Marathon in July.

To finish off the day, I did some strength work in the evening. The P90X Back and Bicep workout is always a good workout to keep the upper body working. After the weighted workout, my buddy Will decided that we should also do the P90X Ab Ripper X workout to get some additional ab work in.

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