GODSOME! … faith driven active wear

Today was a good day as far as moving forward with training and training gear. As far as training goes, today was a simple workout. A cross training day that is optional in the 3+2 workout. I did my cross training in the pool. I first started off with my warm-up which is the 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kick board, and 100 meters pull buoy. After my warm-up I went straight into the workout, which was a 500 meter free style swim. My legs felt a little tired from the kick board and flipper workout I did yesterday, so going lighter and easier today was a good thing. As tomorrow my speed workout is pretty heavy duty, so having fresh legs will be important tomorrow, also I am feeling much better and hope tomorrow my lungs will be able to hold up as my chest is still a little congested from the flu I was battling a week ago.

Now to the more exciting news in regards to moving on with my official sponsor. After my morning workout, I spent a couple of hours chatting with GODSOME! (www.godsome.org) owner Martin Flores. There is a new line of active / running wear that will be released in the Spring. So in the coming weeks you will begin to see me wearing GODSOME! apparel when I train, warm-up, race and post race. Also there will be other GODSOME! products I will be sporting during my leisure time. So why GODSOME!, well with being a faith driven company, I felt strong about helping spread the word and their mission. One of the beautiful things about this particular company is that it is a “one for one” company. A one for one company is a company that donates one shirt for every shirt purchased to a child in need. For further information about GODSOME! and their mission please log onto their website at http://www.godsome.org . Many of you that read and follow my blog will probably by some sort of active wear at a local store, so why not think of purchasing a product that helps children around the world?

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