kicking, flipping and peddling

Today was one of those combined workouts where I started in the pool and then put some time on the trainer. The pool workout was as always a fun and challenging workout, especially now that I finally learned how to correctly breathe in the water. As many of you know I am teaching myself how to swim and each time I jump into the pool it is a new learning experience for me. My swimming teacher is the internet and anyone who gives me some advice. So my focus on swimming is my breathing technique, this past week another swimmer passed on some advice to me while I was working out at the pool. He suggested that I focus on keeping one eye in the water at all times and just rolling my head so, that is my goal for my swimming over the next couple of weeks to focus on the breathing.

While focusing on the breathing I also put some in water strength training today. I swam for a total of 1100 meters. The first 100 meters was an easy warm-up with the freestyle stroke. After I warmed up I put on the flippers and worked on the kick board for 500 meters. Finally I did a freestyle stroke with my flippers for 500 meters and this is where I was able to focus on the breathing technique. As the laps pass, the breathing is becoming more and more natural for me. Previously I had been pulling my head completely out of the water rather than just rolling my head to take a breathe. When I was pulling my head out of the water that would slow me down, so the correct breathing technique is more efficient and will allow me to swim faster and hopefully longer.

After the water workout, to get more cardio I decided to hop onto the bike. The bike workout is my go to  as it allows me to get my legs working and more importantly some cardio. Sometimes the pool workouts don’t get me the cardio workout because of the fact I am still working on the technique in the pool. So to complete my cardio workout for the day, I pushed 45 minutes on the trainer.

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