along the trail

This morning brought me a long run with my running club I recently joined a couple of months back. However due to schedules and other commitments this has been only my second run with the group. We started off at the Aquatic Center off of Hazel and ran the south trail of of the American River heading up towards Folsom. I went on a 5 mile out and 5 mile back for a total of 10 miles. The rest of the group I was with was going for a little longer run so they were hitting a loop that they are familiar with. The weather was great a little cool, but the wind and rain paused for us today, considering the last couple of days have been pretty crazy with the wind and rain. The trail south of the American River has some pretty good climbs and flats to it, I have previously ran this trail only once during the Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon back in October 2010. So to hit this trail was fun, I ran a little bit slower time that I wanted pacing about an 8 minute per mile pace. Typically about 1 minute slower than I am familiar with. Today my chest still felt a bit congested but my legs felt good. I am excited to finally start kicking up the pace so that I can hopefully post a good time in my March race, the Shamrock’n Half Marathon. I hope all of you that had a long run today had a good run as well. It was nice to see a lot of people on the trail today.

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