sweet sounds

The rain is coming down and it is a perfect day to have a day off of working out. Tomorrow is a long run day, and I will be putting my 10 miles in with my running club. In the mean time though I am just enjoying it indoors listening to the rain drop. It is a such a nice and pleasant sound considering I was running in it yesterday. Though I don’t have a problem with running in the rain, I would rather stay out of it if at all possible. Especially when the rain is accompanied with wind like it has been over the last couple of days. I am hoping that the rain holds off tomorrow so I can have a good 10 mile training run on a course that I have ran maybe just once in the Sacramento Area. If you have today as a day off I hope you are enjoying it, if you have today as a training run, I hope your going after it in this weather.

On another note, I am not sure if some of you have seen the new Boston Marathon Qualifying times. For my age group they have changed the qualifying time to 3:05:00. It seems like they want to limit the number of runs who qualify, this is going to be interesting because of the fact that I am still going to go after it, even though I have not come close in a race to the qualifying time, but have had training times that could get me there. Here is the link to check out the new qualifying chart: Boston Marathon Qualifying Time Chart Link

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