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It seems like it has been a very long time since I posted an actual workout post. Finally after about 4 days of being bed ridden I was able to jump back onto a cross training workout. Today I told myself I am going to ride for however long my body allows me. How long that was going to be I was not sure, I was hoping at least 30 minutes. As the 30 minute mark went I was feeling good, so I kept going, in fact I rode for 60 minutes at a steady pace (about 85-95 cadence). I probably consumed more water in a 60 minute than I have ever consumed while on the bike. With the 60 minute cross training feeling good I am hoping to be able to hit the road tomorrow with run, it is a speed workout, but I am going to go with whatever my body will allow me to if I am up for a run tomorrow. Hope all of you have been able to keep your training up. The Shamrock’n is just around the corner! I am excited to run it for the second time, and hope the weather is good that day so it will allow for us to finish in Raley Field!

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